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THANK YOU > StFX Information Night in Calgary, 08 February 2013

On Friday 08 February 2013, the StFX Recruitment team hosted a StFX Information Night in Calgary. The event, held at Hotel Arts in downtown Calgary, attracted about 47 students and their families - one of the biggest events yet!

Highlight of the night

The highlight of the evening definitely had to be the current students who spoke at the event: Lauren Zwicker '16, Mark Donald '15 and Kyle Morrow '13. All three offered tremendous insights on their personal Xaverian experiences - from Lauren's impressions of StFX only six months in, to Mark's discussion as a prominent student leader, to Kyle's reflections on his past four years in Antigonish and how it has prepared him for when he leaves StFX. Thank you to all three for sharing their stories!

Special guests

We'd also like to thank the members of the Dr. Ed O'Connor Scholarship team - Liz Gouthro '71, Dave Bernatchez '84, Patti McKendrick and Jay Donlevy '92 - for their presentation about the scholarship. At $26,000 over four years, the Dr. Ed O'Connor Scholarship has been instrumental in getting some of the best and brightest students from Alberta to StFX for years. In fact, all three students speakers are recent winners of the award.

And last but not least...

Of course, we can't neglect the hard work of the StFX Recruitment team - 
Laken Pitts (Recruitment Advisor),  Brittany Landry (Manager of Admissions) and Mark Kolanko (Manager of Recruitment) - for putting on the event. It's always great when the Recruitment team comes to town and helps the alumni spread the good word about StFX.

Key dates to remember

There's lots of dates to remember as your consider attending StFX. Here they are again, and a few more the chapter would like to pass along.

  • 11 February: First round of residence assignments. Single or double room? Upper campus or lower campus? Co-ed or single gender residence? So many options are available. Starting 11 February, residence assignments will go out on a weekly basis.
  • 01 March: Deadline for applying for StFX Scholarships. If you want to be considered for StFX Scholarships, submit your marks issued for first semester, two letters of reference and your resume. Be rewarded for the great academic work you've achieved in high school!
  • 15 March: Deadline for the Dr. Ed O'Connor scholarship. At $26,000 over four years ($6500 per year, renewable), the Dr. Ed O'Connor Scholarship is one of the most prestigious scholarships available for StFX students. And best of all, only an Alberta student can win it. Click here for more information about the scholarship and to get an application form.
  • 15 May: Deadline to be guaranteed a spot in residence. Based on your preference (single vs. double room, co-ed vs. single gender, etc.), StFX will do everything it can to match you up. However, 15 May is the final day that StFX will guarantee you a spot in residence. You can still apply for residence after this date, but the university won't guarantee a space.
  • 23 June: Student Send-off. This event, run by the Calgary Chapter, will have StFX Recruitment and Admissions staff on hand to answer any questions about what students can expect over the summer and during the first week of school. We'll also have current students on hand to answer questions about what life is like at StFX.
  • 31 July: Deadline for the Leone Campbell Memorial Bursary. This bursary, in the amount of $500, is awarded by the Calgary chapter to a deserving first-year student for academic achievement, athletic and involvement and commitment to community stewardship. Contact the chapter at for an application form.

Thank to everyone for attending the StFX Information Night, and to all of you for your continued support.

Hail and Health,

Your Calgary chapter executive team
Oliver, Jay, Phil, Claire, Erin, Sarah, Lexi, Jeff and Mike

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